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Mon, Dec. 10th, 2007, 04:27 pm
evewithanapple: This was painful

Title: High Times and Hard Times
Suethor: sabor ice

Name: Letty "Dreamer" Collinsmith
Oh, What Gorgeous Hair!: brown
Eyes Like...: green
Sue-type: Fiesty!Rape Victim
Of Course, She Owns...: Racetrack's heart, Spot's turf (after he retires)
I Didn't Know He Had a Sister/Cousin!: Ten-Pin's her adopted little brother. Then he dies (the Delanceys kill him) so she can angst.
She's From Where?: Brooklyn. Spot's sidekick apparently.
Whose Girlfriend is She, Anyway?: Racetrack's, but Mush has a thing for her as well. And she and Sarah are BFFs, though she can't understand why Sarah is actually into wearing dresses. Because it's not, like, normal you know.
Rating: She's raped by the Delancey (yes, BOTH of them), Racetrack and Mush fight over her, Medda gives her a makeover, and Spot makes her the leader of Brooklyn. FIVE YEARS FOR YOU, MISSY.
Notes: The author opens the story with the note "The story takes place around the time Pulitzer raises the price of the Newsies' papers. It centers more on what was happening with newsies on the inside rather than just Jack and David's crusade." What this basically means is that she feels that she can screw around with canon as much as she likes, including not having Racetrack get arrested (so he and Dreamer can snuggle *gags*), having Jack escape from the refuge the same day David shows up (and it's implied that he's been there for awhile) and having Jack not come back from Santa Fe for no apparent reason. Basically, she take canon and smashes it over her knee. On the upside, she doesn't feel the need to drag Sarah through the mud, but I have a feeling that's only because Dreamer isn't inerested in Jack. It's just a horrible, horrible mess.

"So, Dreamer, hows about me and yous going to catch a flicker show later?" Mush asked, giving her his best smile.

"When pigs learn to fly," Letty replied, irritably, as she shrugged off his arm from her shoulders.

The other boys laughed and Mush made a fist at them. He always turned him down, but he always kept trying. She gave him some credit for that.

He [David] removed his coat and gently draped it over her. Then, carefully, he turned her over onto her back so that he could get a better look at her. David was no doctor, so he couldn't pretend to know anything about looking at one's injuries. But, he did know that she didn't look good. Her face was bruised, and her knuckles were bloodied. Letty had put up one hell of a fight. Her body was shaking, as if she was cold, but it wasn't anything less than warm outside. She opened her green eyes and looked up at him.

"Dave," Letty said, quietly. Her eyes pleaded with him. "Don't tell anyone."

He furrowed his brows as his eyes followed the length of her body to where her hand was. He lifted the end of the coat that was on her now, and saw that blood saturated the area down there. He closed his eyes and turned his head away as he let the coat drop back down onto her again. She had obviously been raped. Once again, David's thoughts began to wander. He kept thinking that that could've been Sarah or Les lying there. This could have been his sister raped and beaten or his brother dead.

"Damn the Delancey brothers. Damn them to Hell," David said, in a low voice. He finally looked back down at his friend. "They'll pay for what they've done."

"No," Letty replied, reaching up and grabbing onto the front of his shirt. "Listen to me, Dave. You can't tell anyone. Not Jack, not Sarah, not your parents. No one."

"But, Letty, I - " he said, then was cut off by her.

"No, David," she said, sternly. "If you tell anyone, especially a newsie, you know what'll happen. I don't wanna war started 'cause of me. Now, promise me. Promise me you won't tell nobody. Ok?"

"They won't get away with this forever, Let," David answered, then sighed deeply. "Ok...I promise..."

The young man couldn't believe what she was asking of him. She was asking him to keep a terrible secret. How long would he be able to keep his promise? He'd be deceiving some of his best friends doing it. David understood her reasons why she didn't want anyone to know. She must have felt ashamed. She must have felt cornered in a way, just like the Delancey brothers had had her cornered earlier. Finally, David glanced over at where Les was still standing. He felt sorry that he had brought his little brother along. At least he was sure Les didn't know exactly what had happened to Letty. He was too young ro realize how sometimes men could act like beasts towards women.

"She's fine," David told him. "She's just tired is all. Run along home and tell Sarah that Dreamer's fine. I'll be home soon."

"But - " Les began.

"Just go, Les! Ok? Just please go home. I promise I'll be home soon," the older brother assured him.

Les frowned and began walking backwards, giving one last look at the two, before turning around and disappearing from sight. David sighed, and then turned his attention back to his friend. Carefully as possible, the young man lifted Letty into his arms as he stood. A small cry of pain escaped her lips as he did so; she wrapped an arm around his neck and closed her green eyes as she lay her head against his shoulder.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"It'll be ok. I'll take you somewhere you'll be safe," David replied, before beginning to make his way out of the alleyway with Letty in his arms.


After leaving the restaurant, most of the other newsies decided to get back to the lodge house. Letty told Ten-Pin he should go with them, as it was getting late as it was. The fair-haired boy waved back to her as he joined the others. Letty, along with Racetrack, Kid Blink, and Mush, made their way to the park. They found one of the fountains there, and used water from it to wash their hands and faces off. A copper was rounding the corner of a building and spotted them, but the newsies were able to lose him quickly. When they were walking again, Kid Blink took out a cigarette and lit it; he and Mush took turns puffing away on it.

"So, about Brooklyn," Racetrack began. "How does it feel to be da new leader?"

Letty let out a deep sigh as she stuck her hands into her pockets.

"The God-honest truth?" she wondered, and he nodded. "It's crazy. I's don't even know if I's got what it takes."

Blink shrugged. "Yous da strongest girl we knows. 'Sides, we'll help spread da word that yous just as tough as Spot Conlon. Dat outta scare a few people."

"Yeah, but, she's a girl, though," Mush stated the obvious, before adding. "Girls ain't as strong as boys. She can't be as strong as Spot was, right?"

Letty stopped and looked over at the muscular boy in utter disbelief.

"Thanks alot, Mush. I's feel so much better now," she replied. "I's mean, damn, do yas ever think 'fore yous act? And, just to think, I's was dis close to forgivin' ya for before."

The green-eyed girl began walking again. Race and Blink joined her, leaving Mush alone with his thoughts a moment.

"Wait, yous mean yous forgave me?" Mush wondered.

"Not anymore," Letty called back.

Mush looked heart-broken. He just stayed where he was and lowered his gaze. Blink glanced back to see where the dark-haired boy had went. He noticed he was just standing there.

"Aww, I think yous broke his little heart, Dreamer," Blink teased.

Letty rolled her eyes and sighed. "Oh, I did not. He's fine."

"Why doncha go back to the lodge wit him, Blink?" Racetrack wondered. "Wouldn't want him to get thrown into da Refuge tonight for being an idiot."

"Oh, all right," Blink replied, with a sigh. "Sees yous lata!"

Letty smiled faintly as she watched Blink make his way back over to Mush. The two boys eventually began walking in the opposite direction towards the lodge house. Upon the next curb they reached, Letty sat down on it. Racetrack joined her, sitting down with a deep sigh. The two of them just sat there a few moments in silence. The dark-haired young man looked around to make sure no one was going to be coming down the street or sidewalk anytime soon. With the coast clear, he lay back on the sidewalk, placing a hand under his head for support. Letty watched him for a moment, before shrugging and doing the same. The two of them stared up at the sky, watching as darkness began to set it.

"Dat was fun back at Tibby's, huh?" Racetrack asked.

"Yeah," Letty answered, then poked him in the side as she briefly looked over at him. "You coulda gave me a hand, ya know! Blink and Mush was murderin' me."

The gambler chuckled.

"I guess I coulda. But...it was da first time I's heard yous really laugh in a long time," Racetrack answered. "And, it sounded real pretty."

Letty immediately quieted. The way he had spoken to her right now struck her in a strange way. She didn't know how it made her feel, either. Slowly, she sat back up and rested her arms over her knees. Racetrack watched her a moment, before sitting back up as well. He rested his arm across one knee and he glanced around at the distance.

"Yous know, you could talk 'bout it," he suggested.

"Talk 'bout what?" Letty asked, trying to make it sound like she had no idea what he was talking about. "Ain't nothin' to talk 'bout."

She stood up and turned away from him. Her skin felt like it was crawling. The same feelings she had felt the other night were beginning to creep up on her again. Why couldn't he just leave her alone? Why did he insist on pushing the subject? She felt his presence behind her now, but Letty didn't turn around to look at him.

"Yous keep sayin' dat, but we both knows it ain't true," he replied.

"It is for me," she answered, quietly.

"Damnit, Letty, why can't yous just come out wit it to me? Whys can't yous just tell da truth?!" Racetrack exclaimed, now becoming frustrated with her.

"I's can't! I's won't!" the brown-haired young woman replied.

"You can!" Racetrack said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

She couldn't take it anymore. He wasn't going to let her alone. Letty whipped around, tears threatening to sting her eyes.

"I was raped, ok!" Letty yelled.

The color immediately drained from Racetrack's face. He was rendered speechless as he watched her.

"The Delanceys raped me! And, I's just wanted it to stay a secret. I's didn't want none of yas to know! Dave only knows 'cause he's da one who came to help me! I made 'im not tell! Ok?! Are you happy now?!" she exclaimed, her voice clearly breaking now. "Now, yous can just leave me alone! Just leave me alone!"

The green-eyed girl could no longer contain her sobs as she turned around and ran as far and fast away from the park as she could. Racetrack couldn't stop her. He couldn't speak. He couldn't move. He couldn't even think properly as his mind tried to process everything Letty had just told him. His fists clenched at his sides, and his jaw visibly tensed as anger flashed in his dark eyes. The Delanceys weren't going to get away with this. This was war.

Best Line: “'Oh, yeah? Yeah?' Spot wondered, his face now only inches away from hers. 'My sources do not lie.'” That made me laugh hystically for some reason.

Mon, Dec. 10th, 2007 11:45 pm (UTC)

Best Line: “'Oh, yeah? Yeah?' Spot wondered, his face now only inches away from hers. 'My sources do not lie.'”

I myself am partial to "'I's can't! I's won't!'" Does the suethor actually think people SPOKE THIS WAY?

Tue, Dec. 11th, 2007 02:44 am (UTC)

Ack! Kill the accent! Kill it dead!

"She had obviously been raped...He kept thinking that that could've been Sarah or Les lying there."

Wait, is she implying that the Delancy Bros. would rape Les?

Bad Sue, bad! And the whole "OMG I don't wear dresses even though this is the Victorian age and all women wore dresses and skirts!" thing is old. Sorry, but it's true.

Tue, Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:43 pm (UTC)

I laughed hysterically. That would be a new kind of pairing all together. Or...:gasp: they'd make Les a Mary Sue (since they'd probably turn him into a girl).