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Wed, Feb. 7th, 2007, 04:47 pm
apathy4_10: NewsieSues and Accents

Alright well this is my first post since I'm a new Livejournal user. Anyway, I was going through the posts and decided to post this up.

First, hi, how is everyone? Great? Haha, okay. I'm working on a newsie fic and I've decided to come and ask for some opinions on things. I'm working on a series of original stories and I've been trying out characters in fan-fictions. Also I've been trying to progress my style while figuring out what kind of genres I prefer.

Enough about all that, I have some questions about writing newsie fics. If anyone would answer that would be great.

1. Would it be better to have the newsie accent in the dialogue?

2. Is it possible to have a female character put into the newsie universe without her being a Mary-Sue? Or at least an obvious Mary-Sue?

3. Are there characters that you think are ignored or misrepresented? Like Oscar and Morris always trying to attack the girl.

4. What are plot lines that are over-used? Is there something that you would really enjoy seeing in a storyline?

5. Are details important? Like describing something simple like characters hanging out instead of saying something simple such as "they ate and left. It was fun."

Just some questions that can help me make sure I don't disgrace Newsies too much. I do have a plot line that I'm hoping will be more interesting than others but still I would like to have opinions.


Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
apathy4_10: storylines

I will of course let you all know when my story is up. Hehe, then we can have fun sporking it. ^_^

Rich girls meets newsie, they fall in love, it's so star-crossed and she hates being a lady <- very overdone. Girl joins the newsies, they all love her <- also overdone. Are there any other plots?

The story I'm working on is in the research stage at the moment, but the character I'm inserting works at a textile factory. She meets Les and hears about the strike which leads to textile workers trying to imitate the newsie strike. I watched a movie about the Molly Maguires and was thinking of incorporating it in with the story.

She doesn't know too many newsies though since I don't want her to be buddy buddy with many. I dunno if she'll ever like one of them unless once I flesh her out she seems to work with one. *shrug* Anyway, more like how the newsie strike influences the other child labor departments.

It's true that those story lines are overdone though. I have trouble trying to separate them in my head to make sure they don't mix into one giant story filled with girl newsies and rich ladies. Ha.